South Pacific heats up (Earthquakes)

Oceanic crust is formed at a mid-ocean ridge, ...

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I woke up this morning to news of new earthquakes in  Kyrgyzstan and the south pacific. They all look pretty harmless until you look at the ones in the south pacific and notice that this is an area we have been highlighting lately and what we see now may be indicative of things to come.

Yesterday this region had a 6.2, not unheard and worth noting and very deep. Today 4 more quakes, and one of those very shallow. This area of the plate boundaries has a piece of the Indo-Australia plate going over the pacific plate with to it’s west a piece of the pacific plate going over the Indo-Australia plate. The pacific plate is going west, the Indo-Australia plate going north.

Therein lies the problem, the finger of the Indo-Australia plate that is unsupported to the west and has a shear force against it. And the Pacific plate is diving very deep below the eastern edge of this finger. This is trying to buoy up the eastern edge and at the same time shear it off at the southern edge of this finger. So this is still the area to watch for more up and coming plate tectonics and who knows some volcanic activity possibly?


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