Vanuatu has 2 mag 7 quakes

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Just 2 days ago i was recommending everyone keep an eye on this area and what do we get 2 7 magnitude quakes right on cue. Luckily the quakes were far enough off shore to keep the damage to a minimum.

In this area the Indo-Australian plate is subducting under the pacific plate. A section of the plate under stress has let go and caused the series of quakes we are seing. There will be more aftershocks and adjacent sections of the plate boundary will be under increased pressure so it is still a good area to watch for more quakes.

Since the two Vanuatu quakes there have been more quakes further north west on the same quake system at the Solomon Islands and a 5.8 at New Britain PNG. All of this activity because Australia is moving north and the pacific plate is moving westward. I still think we keep watching this part of the ring of fire for more excitement to come in the next days and weeks.


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