Quake day USA

quake.jpgToday started with a 5.3 magnitude earthquake in Colorado. The largest quake in the area for 40 years and aftershocks happening as we speak and for the next few weeks or months.

But that was just the morning snack because this afternoon, 1:51 the largest quake to hit the eastern seaboard a Me 6.1 monster struck Virginia. It caused damage in Washington, 80 km away things flying off shelves, damage to monuments, ruptured pipes at the pentagon and caused most of the city buildings to be evacuated for some time.

Reports of damage are still coming in but it’s not the damage that fascinates us on the east coast. It’s how far away the shock is felt. They evacuated buildings in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. That’s 1000 km (more or less). Where I am our guys in one building didn’t feel a thing but I was called and was reported to by a few people who on the 5th floor of the building across the street felt it and the building swayed for 30 seconds. We are about 800 km away. More data coming, I hope I can follow up on this one in a few days.
Energy 4.1*10**13 Nm

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