Earthquake off of North New Zealand

Map of Kermadec Arc north of the North Island ...

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Earthquake on the extreme south end of the Kermadec trench off the north east side of New Zealand. This quake continues the southward roll of the earthquake storm along this series of faults. At 5.6 and so far out to sea it is not a remarkable quake except for that it continues this southward extension of the series of quakes. Now normally a 5+ quake is not that dangerous, look at the one in Virginia or the many along Chile (they had a 5.9 today) or along Japan or Indonesia, but Christchurch had a 5.5 that destroyed the city.

At 40 km it was not too close to the surface and didn’t create a tsunami. What could happen now is two things, the earthquake storm could run out here as previous ones mostly do. Most of these storms on this fault system start at the north end at Fiji and run down the trenches but run out of steam at the south end of the Kermadec right where this quake has happened. But once in a while one continues and then there are quakes on the faults on or near New Zealand. In those cases there may be quakes in in populated areas. While we like to see the quakes on the Kermadec trench and the depth and what they can tell us but we would rather they stayed up there. But earthquakes happen and people need to prepare so for the next few months in New Zealand be prepared, know what you need to do if a quake happens and have supplies in case there is a quake.


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