Earthquakes, fast and furious

Been a lot happen over the last few days. A 7.3 in Fiji is starting yet another southward sweep of the Fiji to New Zealand quake storm. If this one catches up to the last one, like waves they may combine as they come together. Not good news on the New Zealand front if that happens as it may be enough to get past the end of the Kermadec trench.

Japan is having a rash of quakes at the north end of Honshu with the series of quakes moving closer to land, but becoming smaller in size and deep as the approach land so the threat of damage diminishes with each quake.

The most interesting of all of the latest quakes is the Fiji quake at a depth of 621 km. This is so far below the surface of the earth it is no longer one plate grinding against another as the crust is nominally 40+ km deep. Comparing these faults to other faults and what happens with them is always interesting and I have postulated on it before. I expect to be writing more about these very deep earthquakes again soon. (Need more DATA!)

Another quake that interests me is the Cuba quake. While not large it’s interesting because of how that fault zone works, and because I predicted it. This is the continuation of the quake storm that hit Haiti.  While not as large as the Haiti quake this is an aftershock as the release of pressure on that fault zone by the Haiti quake was the release that transferred the strain to this area. What we don’t know is if this is setting up a quake in Jamaica. My fear is that it is. These nations are one the end of a fault zone that comes from the same fault line as Puerto Rico. The other end of the fault gets tons of earthquakes. Once in a while one starts a push down to this end of the fault. History tells us these then cascade through the fault slowly. Jamaica and Cuba are not built, or their buildings aren’t built, to take the shaking as Haiti showed. SO start shoring you your buildings people because you don’t want to end up like Haiti after their earthquake.

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