India Himalaya quake

topographic map of India

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Alright India gets a lot of quakes high in the mountains and they got another one yesterday. It was a 6.9. Now when I first look at a quake on the net one of the things I look at is the Pager impact analysis. This looks at the strength of the quake and the location of local towns and at the common building methods and predicts casualties and damage.

Now it’s not the earth shaking beneath your feet that kills you, it’s the building you are in falling on you that kills you. In very rare cases does a crack open beneath your feet and you fall in and the crack close on you. Although if anyone has video… just kidding.

So in these places like the mountains north of India or Haiti, Cuba or New York the masonry buildings that have no shake resistance crack, fall apart and crush people. Steel structure buildings and properly made reinforced concrete stand up much better. So our hearts go out to the people involved in this latest quake and as for the rest of you, build your buildings better.


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