Active region 1302Well actually yes a Sun Quake, on our sun, starting at a sunspot (or rather deep below a sunspot) which then caused huge magnetic fluctuations, a solar flare and a coronal mass ejection on the week end. An X scale 1.9 category blast is just a warm up for this particular sun spot. And like an earthquake it has been having aftershocks and throwing up smaller flares.  (Photo by NASA/SDO/HMI)

Unlike on earth where the crust is cold and solid and the quakes come from tectonic pressures and flows Sun quakes happen in the hotter outer layers, which are gassiopus and turbulant with constant motion and flows. And on earth a quake doesn’t throw a bunch of the planet into space to fall back into the planet. On the sun most of what is thrown out falls back but a small part of it, and it’s a small part of an unbelievably large amount so small is relative here, only a small part continues out and blasts our planet with radiation and highly charged and magnetic particles.

The sun does this throwing up in cycles of 11 years and we are just getting to a high point of that cycle. Like most cycles there are cycles within cycles and while this is active it seems that for the next few cycles active is not going to happen so for this cycle please enjoy the lightshow and hope we don’t get hit too hard before it goes quiet again.


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