Quake Count Up:3

OK, strange day, no Magnitude 5 or higher quakes on the planet for the last 24 hours.
None, not one. So enjoy it and keep an eye out, something has to happen soon and it might be big. We have had periods with no big quakes before. Usually after these periods of quiet there is a big quake somewhere within a day or two. So if you live in a quake prone area be ready, have emergency supplies for a day or two in case no-one can get to your area, regular disaster preparations apply.
There was a good solar storm today, some spectacular northern and southern lights last night and possibly tonight. At the same time a major cme event away from earth today headed almost 180 degrees away from us so other than a spectacular storm it is harmless to us. Earth is fine but Venus is gonna get hit.
And on the computer front not a lot happening either so I am hoping things stay quiet right through the weekend, Thanksgiving for us up here in Canada. -4 C tonight so frost and ice on the edges of the river.


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