Earthquake Count Up: 7

Summary The Cascadia Earthquake To replace an ...

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I t was starting out as a slow day, kermadec islands, Papua New Guinea and mid ocean stuff but two things caught my eye. The first is a quake in greece. They don’t happen often and there have been a few lately which makes me want to watch that area a bit more in coming weeks. The other was a quake on the North American west coast off of BC.

This is the Cascadia Subduction zone and is an area that has had monster quakes in the past. So any auake here is something to look at carefully, is it a sign of things to come, the precursor to as big one or just  something to ignore. There are two fault zones here in parallel. The further off shore is the mid ocean ridge, the part of the pacific that is growing and pushing the pacific outward from the middle. The second is the cascadia subduction zone. Now what this quake means is very dependent on which of those faults it is associated with. Fortunately this is west of the trench that marks the subduction zone meaning it is not on the slope of the subduction zone but further out to sea and as such is either just a compression quake from the bending of the zone before it gets subducted or its a part of the mid ocean trench zone which appears to be the case. So this is not a precursor to the cascadia zone and it’s next mega quake but just another one of those quakes that is making the pacific the wide ocean we all love.

Anyway not a large quake so the count goes up.

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