Braille keyboard on Tablet

OK for the thinking outside of the box award, take a visual oriented item and make it work for people who can’t see and do something awesum!

OK these students in Stanford made a tablet computer program that allows blind people to type. They make a virtual keyboard on the tablet for blind people. How the heck would the blind people find the keys of a virtual keyboard on a flat glass screen you ask? Well you are asking the wrong question, it’s how do you get a virtual keyboard adapt to the blind person using it. What they do is they adapted the braille keyboard concept, which is 6 keys for the 6 bumps on the braille dot symbols and adapted it that the user just places their 8 fingers to the screen and it aligns the keys to the fingers. This means the tablet either is laying on something or hanging from a strap around a persons neck and they just touch the display with 8 fingers and start typing. To be sure it’s working it says each key typed.

It’s genius and since it works on a tablet is way cheaper than the non-portable things blind people currently use. Way to go Stanford students, keep them coming.


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