Infrastructure hacking?

Ok last year we had stuxnet which did a number on Iran’s nuclear processing facilities. And then we had all of the Anonymous and other hacker kiddies doing the Sony and other hacks this spring. Now we are told that another attack is underway that is by some being called the son of Stuxnet. (It’s not really, I’ll get to that.)

And there are reports that Anonymous is out to get info on how to hack the grid (which apparently is easy if you know how according to the pdf put out about it.) We have been under attack by china for years according to Google and other experts while others say that it’s not a coordinated attack at all and the china government slaves deny everything. Meanwhile North Korea is after MMO Gold to pay for porn or something. So what is real and what is false? One at a time.

Anonymous may be making noise about attacking the grid but it’s not their style or their cause. These guys are hacktivists that more than anything look out for and attack anyone who threatens the ability to be anonymous on the net. And they do a lot of denial of service attacks and script kiddie type attacks, sql injection is one of their fav attacks. But that’s not going after the grid and not their style or MO. But someone might be using them or someone who is or was a member may be doing something. So keep watching this space.

Son of stuxnet is not. It may be by people wanting to at some point replicate stuxnet or parts of it but it’s not “son of” as what this new one is trying to do is get information needed to make the son of stuxnet. So it’s more of the aunt of stuxnet or something. Who might be doing this would be interesting to know. I hope to find out. Probably China.

China has been and continues to keep up it’s coordinated attack on anything it thinks can give it information on two things, dissidents and activists against the current government there And any info they can get to steal and replicate anything made any place else. Apparently it doesn’t even have to be better that the crap they make now, they will steal anything. As Google and others have said China hacking everyone is true.

North Korea’s dear leader is so short of cash, for porn apparently, that he has resorted to hacking kids games on the internet to mine gold and other things, I hear they will hire out borgs now, and the price is better than any other gold mining or borgs. Mini-slave state North Korea is trying to do what daddy China can but is bumbling it but at least they get porn.

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