Massive Quake in Turkey

Population Exposure Map
OK the count up is done, well was done Friday after the magnitude 7.3 quake in the Kermadec Trench. That quake was nice and large, made a tsunami and did all the major quake stuff but didn’t hurt anyone. But today brings tragic news and pain and suffering as Turkey is now dealling with the impact of one of the largest quakes to hit Europe in recent times.

The Quake stuck hard and in the middle of the night. There are 300 thousand plus people living in the immediate region of the quake and it’s aftershocks. So far limited news is available, with reports of deaths quite low but judging from the pictures of whole apartment blocks having been knocked down and are flat as pancakes so there will be many people killed. Devistation and panic seem to be the big issues. With many aftershocks and some of those in the 6 range buildings damagaed by the initial quake may also fall.

people are going to need shelter, supplies, food, medical aid, and many people will be jobless and so monetary aid as well.

This is exactly what we did not want to happen. the quake Friday in the kermadec trench was equally as strong and as geologically significant but being remote was safe and interesting. this one is just a horror show. But we can still learn from it. Look for some indepth analysis as the data becomes available. if you have the means please give to the red cross for earthquake relief.

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