Turkey still rumbles, but is this an aftershock?

The recent earthquake in Turkey have been a tragedy and the loss of life is now counted to well over 500 and expected to go higher possibly thousands. International aid is starting to get in to the people who need it and hopfully this doesn’t turn into a worse tragedy than it already is.

There have been numerous aftershocks up to 6+ magnitude. But today there was another quake, a 5.2 magnitude, 200 km south of the original earthquake site, on a major fault that is part of the same fault system the big 7.2 quake was on. The question is how do we call this quake further down the fault, is it an aftershock of the larger earlier quake or is it a separate quake possibly caused by transfer of stress down the fault, and would that not make it also an aftershock?

Generally aftershocks are close to the original quake in time and space and while 200 km is not right at the original quake site and most of the aftershocks have been right at the same location as the original quake 200 km is not far when you look at the aftershocks in Japan or Chile. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not because of transfer of stress on the fault or that we shouldn’t be looking for more quakes to happen further afield from the original quake.

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