Turkey still shaking

Coast El Golfo, El Hierro

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The people of Turkey in the Van area have not caught a break all week. With a lot of people camped out because they are either homeless or to afraid to return to their homes the aid is getting in and conditions are improving. But the after shocks still are happening and the threat of a 6 or higher aftershock looms.

Meanwhile Peru is still dealing with the aftermath of it’s quake. Because of better buildings and building codes there is little damage but a lot of frayed nerves. There will be a bunch of mud brick homes to repair and at least one church was flattened. There have been quakes in Indonesia and that fault zone as well but no damage or deaths.

Meanwhile Mount Etna continues to go off but the most interesting volcanic activity and earthquakes is in the Canary Islands. An undersea volcano is going off but north of it the island of El Hierro undergoing quake activity that could indicate new activity on the island. This island has also had landslides from its volcanoes in the past causing mega-tsunami to the north west, north east and south.

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