Busy Earthquake Day

mid-ocean ridge

Image by infringer1 via Flickr

OK folks interesting day today and scary if you live in China. China had 3 5+ magnitude earthquakes today. 2 of those in central China and one in the nether regions of the north west. The 2 southern ones are in the same area where the 8.0 quake hit in 2008. Damages in some areas include the collapse of buildings and homes. No fatalities reported from todays quakes yet. All of these quakes are on old faults from the upthrust of the Himalaya Mountains and are just more of the earths straining as the mountains are thrust ever higher.

Also today were a 6.5 magnitude quake in the Pacific off of Mexico. The quake is on the pacific mid ocean ridge and are caused by the pacific trying to expand. Quakes here are common, although not as common as on subduction zones. The quake was large enough to make a tsunami but to far from land for that tsunami to be a danger.

Also in Chile and Japan there were 5+ quakes but no news of damage. The Japan Quake is on the same fault as the large 9.0 from earlier this year, a little south and west and far smaller with no damage. The Chilean quake is on shore and near settlements but is so far underground that the damage at the surface is minimal.


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