Oklahoma quake, worth writing about?

I am sure that if you were sitting on top of the Oklahoma quake it would be something you would want more info about, but does the rest of the world have any reason to care? I am sure that a lot of people in Oklahoma were shaken awake and not sure what happened.

The quake was a 4.7 magnitude quake and felt clear across the state. It was also felt in Texas and other surrounding states. The quake probably did little damage except to buildings directly above the epicenter. It was a shallow quake so ground movement would be noticeable and could have caused damage, it would certainly wake you up. Most likely it is just a one off deal with no stronger after shocks but there will be 3 level aftershocks for weeks.

This type of quake could happen anywhere. The continental plate is full of old faults most of which are unknown and blind, can’t be seen at the surface. So yes everyone should be aware these can happen, not be scared of them but when building anything remember quakes can happen and build in some defense for them.


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