Windows 8 Preview journey

As a developer of primarily Windows applications I thought testing and doing some test development on the new Windows would be good. So I pulled down the preview and am playing with it. I was told not to put it on the network at work so I will be doing a lot of this from home, will also be just using it and seeing how easy it is to use and any other just user stuff.

I found that I can set up my user to use my Live ID login. Not sure how that will work if the network is down so will also be making a user with just local rights. With the live id when I go to MSDN it can just log me in. My regular Windows Live ID will not be used I’m using the one I made for work so it will be fun to play with that.

I will be also installing all of my regular development tools as well as the ones for Metro. Not going to do any WM6 apps on here, my other laptop for that. So what has happened so far.

The first time I tried to install the preview I didn’t have the wire for the network I thought it would find the wifi and use that like all of the Linux distros I have used on this same system before. But no. Windows has never been able to find and use the wifi unless it is already wire connected to the internet, needs to find the drivers I guess but Linux can do it? Heck Puppy Linux can do it so why can’t Windows? (7, XP, all failed to find this wireless network adapter.) Other issue was the sound didn’t work and the screen was only 800 by 600.

I guess because of that it was unable to fully set up everything and things like the activation didn’t work and only about half of the apps were installed. I decided to start over and pulled a cable to the machine. The Win XP box is OFF right now, seems no-one wants to use it so I stole its cable, put the CD back in and did a second install, wiping the first one with a full HDD format. The format didn’t take long.

Anyway, reinstall with cable plugged in worked wonders, everything installed, took a 35 minute install and now everything works. It wants to use metro but then keeps shifting back to the regular desktop, it’s strange. This is a minimal requirements system, an old single core 1 Gig mem, 50 gig HDD HP laptop. If it will work on here it will work better n almost anything, especially anything newer.

OK IE 10 seems to work well. None of the hesitation that was happening with IE 9 on Google plus so an improvement right there. It acts a lot like Windows 7. Java installed and seem to work alright which is good because I use Java a lot for both Desktop and web development and also for on my phone. (Yes WM6 phone with Java.)

Windows 8 has anti virus and anti malware built in, has a firewall, all kinds of security controls and improved browser so part of what we will be doing is to seeing if this works. And also checking their update and scanning. S if I do something foolish my excuse will be just testing.

So next steps are download Eclipse and Visual Studio 11, then create a few test apps for doing things like testing the different types of widgets I use and apps that I write. We will see how solid the preview is and hopefully learn something. After I see how it runs a good MMO of course. (Hoping that leaves me some time for blogging.)


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