Oklahoma Quake number 2

OK I’ll say it I was wrong. Yesterday I wrote that the 4.7 was interesting but not a precursor to something bigger. Well I was wrong, today they had a bigger quake, and I am not going to say this is the last or the biggest but historically it is the biggest quake ever in the state but apparently that isn’t enough to say this won’t lead to another bigger quake.

OK so for the quake, this is almost exactly in the same spot as all of the other aftershocks from the original 4.7 which if you follow quakes you will know is rare. The Japan quakes were all up and down the fault at different depths, which in that case meant east and west of the initial quake. All of these being in a single spot and that spot not moving much p and down or north south east west is rare but more common on the central pains of the plate. What is causing the energy release here is unknown. This one will have caused some damage locally to the epicentre. Reports are coming in of damage to a state highway, rock slides, damage to some large buildings and houses are so shook up that everything is falling from the walls and that houses “look like they have been ransacked.”

There were also some other quakes today, 2 in the Alaska islands, Tonga, Java, Timor, Kermadec, and Vanuatu but none so interesting.


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