Bismarck Sea Quake storm

Interesting day, for the most part fairly bland, quake in Afganistan, one south of New Zealand, after shocks in Oklahoma, quakes in and around Japan. But then you spot 5 different quakes in almost the same spot of almost the same size over a space of 4 or 5 hours. Yes The Bismarck Sea had a quake storm this morning.

No big difference in magnitude, 4.7 to 5.2 with the largest so far the last, and then it goes quiet again. We can’t say that any of these are aftershocks because normally aftershocks are an order of magnitude weaker than the primary quake. This is not happening here. I guess we have to watch for a while and see what happens. At least it’s far enough from land that whatever happens should not cause to much problems.

The fault here is a slip fault, not an upthrust or subduction zone so hopefully that means no big damage or loss of life even if this lets loose a big 7 or 8 later. Very interesting set of earthquakes.

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