Blogging, I’m learning

I have been posting here, almost daily, for a while and have a few hundred posts. Most of those are about earthquakes, I am fascinated by them and I have enough of a science background that I can say something intelligent about them as well. But I’m a computer geek and I know a heck of a lot more about that field than Earthquakes. (And I can use my computer to learn more about quakes and get at the great databases at USGS.)

I’ve been looking back at what pages have generated what traffic, WordPress gives some nice tools to look at what people are looking at. What consistently comes across week after week is that a lot of people have visited my site for a single post, my Types of Computer Users post. And yet only one visitor posted a reply? Was it because that post is junk and they just left (not likely, if I know the internet when people don’t like something they frequently tell you) or is it so perfect nothing could be added? I wish, I just don’t know.

I know I don’t get a huge number of visitors. I never really expected to be flooded with readers. It’s somewhat a release for me, I can write stuff here and if someone reads it OK, if not I force it onto my facebook friends. I’m going to try to follow up the Windows 8 posts with some insight into and examples of applications for Windows 8. I’m not about to create the killer app for it and I am not out to replace Angry Birds, while I am a pretty good programmer I am to occupied with my health issues and just keeping it together at work to do much once away from work. But I will make some demo apps, probably my normal context sensitive editor that I make on everything just to learn the ins and outs of how a platform works and they made some big changes to Windows, but I digress.

Now that people have read my stuff I want to know what do you guys want to read? In the mean time will keep posting info and maybe some analysis of earthquakes and some computer stuff and once in a while something weird.


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2 Responses to Blogging, I’m learning

  1. loopyloo305 says:

    I like to read your posts, I find them very interesting, but I don’t comment because there is sometimes nothing to comment on. A fact reported is worth reading but a comment is not always necessary. I post anywhere from 5 to 15 posts a day, but I get comments generally only from my friends, or when someone challenges me on a post. That does not mean I am not read, I get about 150-300 hits a day. I take that more as interest that what someone takes the time to comment upon. God bless my friend, your posts are good and very interesting!

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