Taiwan has deep quake

Interesting day with a few quakes but the big one today was a quake north east of Taiwan. While it was a 6.9 magnitude it was also very deep and while if it was on land it would have been felt it would not have generated a lot of damage. A quake 200+ km deep is not directly connected to the surface any more as it is now a piece of the crust pushing into the semi solid upper mantle. being that deep and the plastic texture of the mantle the energy doesn’t transmit the same as a crustal quake.

In other news the USGS has performed some of the checks against their database and came to the conclusion that the large quakes we are having lately are not closely related and is most likely just happen-stance that they are all happening in a similar time frame. I have done similar checks against their database and I concur with their results, while it appears that we are having a lot of quakes lately it’s not because the quakes are related or have a common cause, other than they all come from the normal movement of the planets mantle and core. We are bound to have periods of more activity and periods with less and those periods are not just days or months in length but more geological time scales of centuries and aeons.










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