Turkey still quaking

The people of Turkey are having a rough time of it. With many still in tents, with winter coming, from the 7.2 quake aftershocks have been happening and last night a particularly bad one hit. reports of more building collapsing including an apartment building and a 6 story hotel.

While aid has been reaching them it must be bad living in tents and with constant tremors all the time. Now this quake is only a 5.7 and the main quake was a 7.2 so how was this one able to drop buildings that survived the bigger quake? (I know you are asking.) 2 things, first the first quake probably damaged some of these buildings. While the damage may not have been visible after a quake of that size it’s better to assume things are damaged and then go about proving they aren’t. And the second thing, the initial quake was 17km deep, which is about 1/3rd of the depth of the earth’s crust but this latest quake was only 4 km deep. The deeper the quake the more spread out the wave when it reaches the surface and the deeper a quake the more cushion the crust gives.

Let’s hope the quaking stops soon for the people of Turkey.

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