You might be a hacker if…

Recent laws passed in different countries have been making normal users liable for normal things you do on line. (Although there have been some court rulings that are going the other way.)

You could be a hacker if you lie about your age on Facebook, use a name not on your birth certificate on Google or pretend to be the opposite sex on all because of a law that makes not following the policies of your social media site a crime. That same law also makes you a criminal if you play solitaire at work or surf comics if your work has policies that say you can’t use the company computers for anything but work.

Other laws have made using open wifi without express permission, and that means more than the sign at the coffee shop saying open wifi, a crime. In some just looking for an open wifi is a crime never mind war chalking it. Got a smart phone, be very careful when you take pictures. Taking a picture that shows a policeman is now a crime in some cities, never mind the free speech and whistle blower laws they already have that contradict this.

Other things that could get you in trouble are linking pages, because that page may change and have something liable on it and there are laws making this illegal, although in Canada this has been ruled in the supreme court that linking isn’t liable. (Yay Canada!)

If you use the default password to get into the account of someone to stupid to change their password on anything, is not hacking but probably still illegal. How about tethering your phone, making your Ps3 run Linux or turning your turning your old mac into a planter (well that last one maybe not.)


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