What are new versions of desktop computers going to bring us?

Windows 8 Developer Preview Start Screen.pngWhile I am testing and getting familiar with Windows 8, using the developer preview, I am asking myself the question, What are new versions of desktop computers going to bring us?

I can remember the beginning of the personal computer, how having one was cool but there were no programs available. What could it do for us? I remember that in high school we made our own programs, everything from games, pong was just out so we replicated that fast, and then rudimentary word processors, little black book programs and eventually a double entry accounting program for grade 13 accounting. (Yes that long ago we had grade 13.)

The sky was the limit there were so many things that computers could do for us. And have things progressed, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and there are literally millions of programs out there. You can get programs for your desktop, laptop, phone, tablets, servers, super computers, your watch (my watch) your car…

Windows 8 is trying to be one OS for all devices, and this also means writing one program for everywhere. And from the looks of it that is looking true. I can write a single program for Windows 8 and run it on all devices (well virtual devices on my test system.) And the interface holds, and works well. But I don’t see anything new coming from that just easier for us programmers and for you users.

So my question is, what new do you think you can do with new devices and new versions of operating systems that one or more can’t already do now? What would you like to see them do, or allow you to do you can’t do now?

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.


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