Rift Valley quake

As always a sizeable quake in Africa’s rift valley is worth noting. The continent of Africa is being torn apart by forces from below causing a the valley to form and at some point a new sea to develop. With quakes and volcanoes and bubbling lakes of liquid lava, trenches forming and spewing gasses the northern end of the valley has been most active but today a quake in the central region of the rift shows it is still active.

I would love to go to the rift valley someday, but because of my health that won’t happen. To be in the place our species first started and one of the places where we can see the evolution of our planet changing, opening up and making new land. Here we can learn what is happening in the mantle and core of our planet, giving us insight into our past and guidance into our future. It can be a spiritual place as well as a place of science, so it pulls me from both sides.

Oh well.


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