Back to the Kermadec Trench

A part of the world that never disappoints we are again looking at a couple of quakes in the Kermadec trench. The first, a 5.6 magnitude quake almost directly under the trench at 43 km depth. At this depth it was actually only 33 km below the plate surface as th

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e trench is almost 10 km deep. The second, south and west of the first was a stronger 6.3 at only 34 km deep un the undersea ridge that runs north of New Zealand.

These are the latest in a series of quake in a quake storm that started in  Tonga and near Pago Pago a few months ago and are walking their way south on the fault system leading to New Zealand. While some of these quake storms reach the island nation most do not get past the end of the deep part of the fault at then end of the Kermadec trench.

This is an interesting quake zone with a both shallow and deep quakes and contributes a lot to our understanding of how earthquakes happen and how our surface of the world interacts with the deeper mantle. And it has a lot of quakes so is always a good place to keep our eyes on.

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