Philippines flash floods and Puerto Rico quake

Today started with the news of hundreds of deaths in flash floods in the Philippines. With torrential rains from  a tropical storm, Washi. The flooding was unexpected and in the middle of the night washing people out of their beds, causing immense damage and killing hundreds of people. The storm then headed for Palau but at least people there have some warning and damage and loss of life should be less there.

On the earthquake front there were a couple of quakes off of Indonesia, one on the Kermadec trench and two, a 5.1 and a 5.3, quakes in Puerto Rico. While quakes are common in the area of Puerto Rico these are interesting because they are very shallow and just off the end of a known transform fault possibly indicating the fault is longer than we thought.  The quakes were offshore and the most of the damaging shaking was as well, but neither of the quakes was not powerful enough to create a tsunami.

There are some reports of damage and power outages in the region.

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