Christchurch New Zealand hit with 3 earthquakes

I can’t say not again as this is what we were predicting, but we didn’t think Christchurch New Zealand would get 3 of them. This earthquake storm has been moving south for months and two weeks ago after the quake on the North Island it was pretty much a given that one would hit on the South island, although we had hoped that it would not.

A check of the pager estimates for damage puts loss of life low (but not 0) and economic fallout of tens to hundreds of millions of dollars. This part of the country is full of faults that are each trying to reduce the strain where the fault lines move from subducting on the east of the north island to the west of the south island. The in between zone is warping as the one island tries to go past the other.

This will not be the cities last earthquake and the people there should be deciding if they should move the city and where to move. Clearly this is not a place to rebuild.


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