Kermadec Trench quake

Shows how ocean ridges are formed, lithosphere...

Ok it’s 5.0 and well away from anything, no tsunami and no damages, lives lost or anything, but to me it’s a very interesting quake.

This is on the pacific side of the subduction zone, before the pacific plate gets subducted, at a depth of 12 km. Most of the quakes in this zone are on the other side of the trench, where the pacific plate is being pushed under the Indo/Australian Plate as the two plates try to pass one over the other. But this one is not yet subducted, so what is happening?

What is going on is the pacific plate is being bent and compressed. It is also bulging a little upward as it gets pushed against the other plate, deforming and then starting its long plunge into the mantle. The forces involved are huge, enough to bend the surface of the planet and compress, crack and deform it so that the two plates can pass each other. When this happens you get slow deformation and occasionally something cracks and you get a quake like this one.

SO there you have it a mundane and small but interesting quake.


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