Rocking in the South Atlantic

While hardly dangerous but very interesting there were a number of quakes in the SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS. (Not sure why but everyone seems to be all capping that for some reason?)

Anyway 3 big quakes and undoubtedly many more small quakes happening on the transform fault that marks the border of the Atlantic Plate and the Antarctic Plate. A transform fault is where the edges of two plates slide by each other, most of the time joining two rifts in a ocean ridge system. Since there is no subduction here the quakes will be shallow and at 9 km that is the case here.

Usually there are no major quakes associated with transform faults. They just glide past each other but for some reason either they got stuck or something else is happening and there was a series of quakes.With the ongoing aftershocks I would have to say stuck and the unsticking is allowing other parts of the fault to move after some period of low to no motion. Just a little correction in the normal life of the planet.


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