Southern Atlantic cluster of quakes?

Eight 5+ and 6+ earthquakes in 2 days, and 4 in the 2 days preceding those in the south Atlantic Ocean is more than just interesting, it’s intriguing. This is not normal but statistically it is not anomalous, it falls within the realm of probability so as far as it has gone the last few days it’s not alarming. But if this continues or a pattern emerges then we need to look harder at it.

The central rift fault of the Atlantic is a major engine driving tectonic activity. the movements here will eventually cause quakes in other parts of the planet such as the US west coast and Peru. Normally in rift valleys the quakes are small and they have a lot of slow motion quakes. It’s rare to have this much activity in this region. (Searched NEIC database

While there are quakes here every month and when there is a large quake there are aftershocks, usually 1 or 2,  there have been none with 8 or more in 2 days but there was one spot in 2010 where there were 6 in 2 days. (5 or higher magnitude.)

But 8 is not that much more than the normal distribution to call it alarming, but if the quakes continue or grow in number then we have to look closer otherwise this is just a normal part of the south Atlantic Ocean tectonic spectra.


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