Iran Quake today

Seismicity in 2012Normally Iran has quakes on the west side, in the mountains away from it’s cities and towns. But today they had a quake big enough to cause damage only 11 km from Neyshabur a town in the north east of the country. Limited reports of damage and injuries are starting to come out of the area and I expect more reports.

The quake was in the same range of magnitude as the Christchurch quakes and relatively close to the surface, 6 miles, so could have cause quite a bit of tremor and I expect that being 11 km from the downtown of a city of 221 thousand people leaves room for further reports to have more injured and buildings to be destroyed.

While this quake is on roughly the same latitude as the quakes in Turkey last year they are on different faults and quake zones and are not connected but it’s winter there and it is mountainous so if there are a lot of people displaced by damage to homes people may be out in the cold.


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