Two medium magnitude quakes hit Italy today, one in the wee hours of the morning was a 4.0 and woke people up but caused little damage, the other was 8 hours later, a magnitude 5.1 and caused fear and confusion but also little damage is yet reported.

The first quake was on the north side of the Po River valley while the second clearly connected quake was on the south side of the valley. Why connected, because the one is a fore-shock of the other. My best guess is that this is not the end of it and people should be wary.

other interesting quakes are the now on-going quake swarm to the southwest of the South island of new Zealand. This is unprecedented action that while low level stuff may be worth watching as well. Something is going on. Another quake today in Japan but what else is new.

Did anyone see the northern lights last night? It was cloudy here so I missed them, will be stalking the night tonight to see if there are any still happening after yesterdays biggest direct hit on earth of a cme since 2005.


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