Kermadec Islands Quake Storm

Map of Kermadec Arc north of the North Island ...

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The fault zone bordering the Pacific Plate and the Indo-Australian Plate is active today at the Kermadec Islands. Starting at 17:42 UTC there has been an earthquake of 5.0 magnitude or higher averaging every 30 minutes until 20:00. No tsunamis or damage resulted from thse quakes as they are way out to sea and at an average depth of 30 KM.

What the heck is going on? We are not sure but that is a lot of energy to be released at one time. And with it being a semi-continuous set of quakes like this there will be a lot of sea floor movement and release of transferred stress from the north end of the trench system. This does not bode well for New Zealand as quakes at this location sometimes lead to quakes further south.

We have seen a lot of quakes in this area but a cluster like this without a large primary quake is uncommon. As always the Kermadec islands don’t disappoint us.


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