Feb 4 Vancouver Island Quake

Earthquake Location MapsI know this was a few days ago but I wanted to check a few things. There was a 5.7 magnitude off of Vancouver Island. This is close to the Cascadia subduction fault. As soon as you say Cascadia a lot of people get nervouse.

The fault was 10 km deep so a shallow surface fault, but look at the picture and you see that the fault is to the west of the subduction zone. The Jaun de Fuca plate is being subducted by the North American plate but this fault is on the wrong side of that zone and so while connected to the Cascadia fault system by being close to it is not a Cascadia rupture. But it does indicate the pressure on the fault system. As the fault pressure builds the crust on both sides will flex and there will be surface lift on both sides.

Historically a lot more deformation and lift is required for the Cascadia fault to rupture as the stratification of lowlands indicates. Cascadia is a fault with a lot of stress and is primed for a quake, but not from this quake.


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