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OK nothing much happening in the last few days earthquake wise. While there have been quakes that locally are significant there have been none that are worth looking at.

yes there was a quake near the north end of the Cascadia zone, but it was on the wrong side of the fault to be significant. China had a couple of quakes in the mountains but no real damage. The only tectonic activity worthy of note is on the moon.

As the moon continues to cool it is shrinking. And that is causing “wrinkling” of parts of the moon’s surface. But there have been other types of surface features that suggest other possible activity then just cooling and shrinking. These features seem to indicate that the surface in these locations is expanding and it looks like what can happen in rift valleys here on earth. So we are suddenly looking at the moon and wondering if our assumptions of how it was formed and how it’s now behaving are wrong.


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