Cold winters night

Krakatoa or Krakatau or Krakatao is a volcanic...

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It’s the middle of winter here, snow, ice dark and dreary. Hoping things brighten up soon. Maybe I will post more?
But no activity is good.

What we have had was a story that global warming can cause earthquakes! Yes I was surprised too and I haven’t seen the science behind it yet but it goes something like this. The paper from the University of Miami basically says that the mantle of our planet is under pressure and so is held into a plastic state by the pressure.  With past climate events like ice ages starting and ending the pressure on the mantle changes. If it increases it usually means less lowering of tectonic and volcanic activity and less pressure (ice melting) off the surface causing less pressure the activity increases.

The idea is that the pressure releasing allows the mantle to become liquid and so more becomes liquid magma and volcanoes happen and earthquakes because the tectonic activity is increased. And well it’s getting warmer and ice is melting. And also rain increasing causes erosion, landslides and the like and so also changes in distribution of weight load and also more quakes and volcanoes. “The reduced load unclamp the faults, which can promote an earthquake,” said Wdowinski.

So there you do with more warming coming and more rain, less ice changes in ocean levelsand more quakes and volcanoes. I think i want more info before I go for this line of thinking but it is something to think about on a cold winter night.

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