Siberia and Taiwan Quakes

A pair of significant quakes today in Asia. First was the 5.9 magnitude 13 mile deep quake centered at the south end of the island near Taitung City. Sharp shaking midmorning local time didn’t cause a lot of damage, affected a large number of train users but was the islands strongest quake since 2010.

Meanwhile north of there, south-western Siberia was violently shaken by a 6.7 Magnitude quake which is going to have caused a lot of damage and injuries, although reports are not coming in so far. Pager estimates the damage in the millions. The second severe quake in the region where a December quake shut down production at a number of local coal mines.

The quake was only 6 miles deep and at this magnitude and depth it will be the widely scattered and spares population that will be the main reason for the low injury rate.  There are some faults in the area but they are poorly mapped or understood, these have been the largest quakes in the area for years and are not close to the largest quakes recorded in siberia.

I expect that with it being the middle of the winter there will be need for help in the area but that will most;ly come from fellow Russians and not be required from the world community as a whole.


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