Bots and Borg

OK anyone who plays online games knows the two terms Bots and Borg but if you don’t let me explain. (And if you do please excuse my telling the people who may not know.)

Bots are scripts and programs people use to play the game for them, or at least parts of it to do the stuff they consider boring so that they player can raise levels or earn gold and get items. This is of course cheating as it gives an unfair advantage to the players using the bots and in games where there is an economy it drives prices in crazy ways and generally makes things unfair.

Borg are people paying other people to play for them and so skip having to earn levels and gold farm. It usually ends the people they pay are running sweatshop operations, or are in places like China where they can pay the people doing the playing nothing and so are taking advantage of both the player and the people working for them. And also to do the borg thing they have to have your username and password and that leaves players open to losing their accounts that way. And the sites where people get bots or pay for borgs also have the reputation of infecting peoples computers and doing identity theft.

The other issue with bots is gold farming and real world trading. The thing here is players pay someone for in game gold by paying real money. This is against the rules in almost all games and it turns out that this is one way countries like North Korea and China get real money. Yes the North Korean army was gold mining in games like World of Warcraft to real world trade it so they could get money to support their government. Crazy right.

So it’s a game right who should care? People who play these games put a lot of time and energy into playing them. The companies that build them also need to have a game that is enjoyable by their users. When someone is unfairly progressing or getting items and gold this gives them an advantage that impacts the other players ability to enjoy the game. When people don’t enjoy it they leave and play a different game. In some countries these imaginary products are beginning to have legal standing, a Dutch court recently convicted 2 people of stealing virtual items in Runescape. They did the deed in real life by holding a knife up to a gamer and the supreme court upheld the convictions.

Recently Jagex (who make Runescape) also sued a company that makes Bot software and won. The Bot company must pay Jagex and stop making any type of bot software. Individual users have been kicked from the game and banned and it may not be long before individuals start suing the bot companies for damages as well.

So if you make bots use bots, do real world trading in gold or borg you might want to stop before someone knocks at your door and hands you a summons. Bots and Borgs ruin the games for all of us, if you don’t enjoy the game because you find it boring, maybe try playing with friends or friending people in game or maybe you should go make your own game and compete instead of cheating.


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One Response to Bots and Borg

  1. Very true, I have been playing Runescape again after a long time of being offline but now it seems all worlds have lots of bots!

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