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I am playing with a project, sort of a make work project, learning as I go and trying to put together an editor for everything. It’s just for fun and to learn some stuff. So I am using C# because I know I could do this in Java or as a web app pretty quick but I don’t really do a lot of just Windows stuff. A bit of Windows Mobile but not just Visual Studio for Windows and I just can’t see me doing this in VB. And it’s the basis of my VS Achievements so there might be a few more of those pop up, and I will learn more about the VS environment like how to use things like generating stubs and regions.

OK it’s an editor so editors are easy a new window, a menu bar and a tool bar and then an editor object. Create the project as a c# Windows Form project. Drag on a menu bar. Put the common items on the menu bar like file open save saveas etc.

Double click each one and it creates an action method stub for you. What you put in those stubs depends on what your interpretation of the method should do.

Anyway I’m making this edit all program. SO I start with text and rtf. text because everything is text at some level and rtf because sometimes you want fonts and formats and stuff. Open and save dialogs have to handle both types of files. I added find by putting a text box in the tool bar with a find button beside it. I added the are you sure and do you want to save dialogs. It’s pretty basic at the moment.

I am thinking about how I can add making html and java script. I also want to add a preview for html and a way to test and show errors in javascript (may look at node.js for that) and then maybe move to adding other programming languages. Sort of a single editor for everything, not just notes and code or formatted documents. Something to play with and maybe something I use or you use or ?

Tell me what you think, or do you have a burning need for a program that you think everyone needs?

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