Chile, Pacific Rise and Turkey

Français : Carte de la plaque des Cocos Englis...

Français : Carte de la plaque des Cocos English: Map of the Cocos Plate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK a bunch of quakes in the last day-ish and I picked the three most significant. Chile had a 7.1 in the same region as they had the 8.8 about two years ago (the one no-one seemed to care about because they were focused on Haiti) and while 7.1 is big since they are recovering well from the 8.8 it was really nothing. Yes a few people hurt and some cracks in a few buildings, phone service cut in a small area but overall nothing big happened. It seems that building for quakes does work.

There was an interesting quake on the pacific rise today. Interesting not because it was big, a 6, but because it is directly opposed to the quake in Mexico across the Cocos Plate. Could it be that the release in pressure on the one side allowed the quake on the other side to happen? It might look that way but more data required first before we make that conclusion. If the movement of the plate is aligned with the mexico plate then we might have something.

The most interesting quake to me today was the quake in Turkey. It’s on the same quake system as the one a few months ago and shows that that system is far from settling down. And it shows a progression in the north west direction which should be a warning to the people in the direction of Ankara and Istanbul to start shoring up their houses and doing a little upgrading to be more quake resistant, the quake storm is headed your way.


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