Anon vs. China

This is the de-facto flag of the organization ...

This is the de-facto flag of the organization known as Anonymous. There are several variants, some with different designs, some with the bars in different arrangements, etc. This appears to be the most prevalent one. English: De facto flag for the Anonymous group. Español: Bandera de facto del grupo Anonymous. Français : Principal drapeau/logo du groupe Anonymous (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I woke today to the news of Anonymous, the hacktivist group, having defaced and or knocked off the net almost 500 Chinese government, red army or related web sites. Those that were defaced had instructions on how to use secure encryption tools to bypass the Chinese governments spying.

While I don’t condone illegal acts the group has done some good things, from alerting us to the lax standards of security on may web sites, to publishing the proof that some so called security experts are not and the leading the way in the cause of freedom on the internet. And while an attack on a state is not to be taken likely, it’s China the current poster boy state for treating their citizens like slaves. (And we in the west are happy for them doing it so we can have cheap crap.)

I just wonder how many of them had to coordinate to do this to this many sites. Was it the same exploit on them all and done by a script or was there a bunch of anons working together. Hmm…


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