Are there going to be computers for ‘Us’?

The new Windows 8 Start Screen, making use of ...

The new Windows 8 Start Screen, making use of flat, colored live tiles and a full bleed canvas as used in Windows Phone and Xbox 360 Dashboard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The focus of the computer makers is changing. It used to be that computers were scary and hard and you had to be a “computer guy” to really know how to get them to do anything with one. Times are changing.

It began with the iPhone. Yes there were Microsoft Pocket PCs out there as smart phones but they were a computer that fit in your pocket more than a phone. And then iPhone came along with it’s interface much like an iPod and anyone could use one. The ability that Apple had to sell a computing device that was so simple to use surprised many. Next along came Android, a Linux computer disguised as a phone crossed with an media player. And then along came the Apps.

Then came Microsoft’s pronouncement that computers were to computery and Metro was born, then next thing in Desktop PCs dominant OS is it will be touch enabled and easy for anyone to use.

I hear the crying on line of many computer people and Pundits. Metro is breaking Windows and Metro is bad and people are looking for ways to make Windows 8 computers work more like Windows 7. But guess what they aren’t making Windows 8 and Metro for those people. Why? because as many of them there are and as loud as they cry there are many many times more people who are going to have the best computer experience they ever had with Metro.

The computer will finally work for them instead of against them. It will be simple to use and fast and then there will be the apps and games. It will work for them like their phones do now. It’s amazing how many people out there the first computer that worked for them has been their smart phone and making a Windows OS that works for these people like their phone is a good thing, no matter if that means that we the computer guys out there are no longer the focus of the computer companies any more.

Oh Well, we will always have Linux.

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1 Response to Are there going to be computers for ‘Us’?

  1. Melissa D says:

    What worked for mobile phones today where applicable to computers then. Computers and mobile phones have ultimate history to their records.

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