Shoot the victims!

Wikipedia: Botnet

Wikipedia: Botnet (Photo credit: tom-b)

In any other context the words in the title would never be what you would do but when it comes to computers and malware it seems to be the first thing every one does. A company gets hacked and they are looked at as second class citizens. Users get malware and they get told what they were doing wrong and called stupid.

All they want to do is have the darned thing work, why do we blame the victims so much? The other day the question of the day was with the latest botnet consisting mostly of 600,000 Mac computers who was to blame, Apple or Users?

Neither! do we forget that there are other people involved here as well? Lets start with their friends and neighbours who didn’t clue them in that any computer can be infected now so play safe out there. We the computer geeks do not spend enough time teaching people about security and break through the myths and get people to surf more securely. We who have sat by waiting for our Mac using friends to get hit should not be so smug now that it has.

But the real problems lays elsewhere with the people who criminally break into computers and any governments that protect them. Stop blaming the victim and lets figure out a way to go after the real problem.


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