Check your computer for this malware

The FBI and Public Safety Canada and other agencies are telling us of a malware infection of  hundreds of thousands of computer with malware that is very hard to remove. With the arrest of a gang of Estonian computer criminals they signaled the finding of a gang, using the name Rove Digital, that had operated for 3 years without detection.

The malware consists of a piece of software called DNSChanger. It directed all traffic from a computer through the gangs servers and they controlled everything the computers were seeing on the internet. The problem now is that with the network being taken down all of the infected computers will not be able to access the internet. So what everyone needs to do is check their computers following these steps. (It only takes a minute if you are clean.)

First confirm what I am telling you by checking with the Canadian Government at

Second then goto and read the info they have their and point your web browser at to check your system is OK (Green) or not (Red). Or you can use the Canadian version at which is both English and French.

If you are found to be infected first try some of the free tools (Microsoft ones would be my first choice for a Windows system) or try the pages by your internet provider, your first step should be going here: which lists the options you have. If you don’t think you can handle it yourself, as it is apparently difficult to get rid of with people reporting that even a full format of a hard drive didn’t remove it, then take it to a professional. Start with your IT at work for advice or the store you bought your system from if you trust them.

This is not something to just ignore as if you are infected your system will stop being able to use the internet. be safe out there.

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