Not much, u?

OK there was a 6.2 mag earthquake in Chile but so far not one aftershock. Nada, zilch, zip, nuthin’.

OK the last 2 times we saw something like this was in Japan and Indonesia. Just sayin’.

I have this theory and it goes like this. If you have a big quake there should be aftershocks. But once in a while there is a big quake, like the 7.2 in Japan which had no aftershocks, and there was a similar 6.8 in Indonesia. Now 2 days after the 7.2 in Japan they had the 9 that caused the tsunami and killed a bunch of people.

In Indonesia just a couple months back they had one quake and no aftershocks and then 4 days later the big quake that luckily didn’t make a tsunami. It seems the fault starts to slip but then catches and resets but it didn’t let it all go it stopped. AThe finally when everything was right (wrong?) it let go for real with a huge quake and a long series of aftershocks. The initial quake never really stopped it jumped a bit and then slowly worked past some point then boom lets go for the rest of the quake.

Yeah, just a theory and it doesn’t mean this one is like those two, different type of fault, different part of the world but lets see what happens in the next 2 days to a week OK?

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