Florida, land of the living dead?

OK this sounds like a scene out of a horror flic but it happened in Florida. A man was shot dead because he was eating the face off of another (alive) man. When spotted by a policeman and ordered to stop and back away the naked attacker only turned to the policeman with part of the victims face hanging from his mouth and growled before turning back to start eating the guys face again.

AT this point they just shot him 6 or so times until he was dead.

Now what most of the stories I have read have done is stop there. No reason why, just nude man eating another man and shot dead. I have found two other facts out for you. The guy being eaten was alive and survived the attack, taken to hospital; he is a homeless man and he has now lost most of his face and both or at least one eye. He’s in critical condition.

The other thing is apparently this isn’t new, although it’s worse than any previous and each time this has been because of some really potent drugs, this one was probably a new much more potent form of LSD.

Yeah not my usual topic of earthquakes or computers but it made me think.

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