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Every couple years my family cell phone plan comes to the end f it’s life and we renew it. We have stayed with the same provider for years and they seem to appreciate that. But the big news is of course, new phones.

I have used Windows Mobile/Pocket PCs for ever. My first Cassiopeia wasn’t a phone but it was a computer in my pocket, although a slow one with almost no memory. I think 128M plus the SD slot. And as with all WM phones or devices you write software for it in Visual Studio just like your desktop OS.

Then I got a Windows Mobile phone, a Star(something) “genius phone”. It was a true computer with a MHz processor and 256M ram, and an SD slot for more memory and it was a phone. Then I got the HTC Touch Pro. A serious computer phone. Speed was good, access to cell also was EVDO so faster than most people had in their houses. It could wifi to the projectors and I could do presentaions on the phone. Full VGA, 640 by 480 screen in 3 inches was higher DPI that the iPad.

But now Microsoft is making Windows Phone 7. And they had this idea that they needed to make their devices easier for more people to use and the one MS exec stated the older WM 6 was “too computery” so they made Metro. metro is nice if what you want is a mobile media device and nothing more. A phone, with all your social media camera and music/vidio player with a web browser. You can write software for the device but it lacks the computer feel for a true programmer geek like myself. I want a command line darn it!

So I upgraded to an Android phone for me and my wife. Her specifications this time were a slide out keyboard, wifi (so she can do internet but not on cell plan) and red (or leopard print) and she wanted Android like our oldest daughter has. She uses a Linux computer so android sounded good to her. She got the LG Optimus Chat. It’s a nice small (Red) phone and she seems to love it although it’s a learning curve for her.

I also went Android, but I stuck with HTC with the HTC One S. A largish phone with a 4.3 inch screen but it is qHD, which is 960 by 540 wide screen format. It plays the HD versions of videos and the screen is super sharp. It has a very fast shutter speed camera and saves pictures at 8 MPix. It has 1 gig or Ram for the dual core 1.5 Ghz processor to play with and 2 gig of storage for programs and another 10 Gig for data, but no sd card slot. But it comes with drop box paid for and access to Google Drive and HTC Sync works on Windows or Linux.

SO the first thing i did, call my wife to see if both phones worked (they do) and then check the rest out. First application installed, terminal, because you have to have a command prompt. I synced my music and then installed a solitaire app then chemical apps and a star chart.

It works well with wifi and cell networking. Has 4G access even here in town. I thought it would fall back to evdo but apparnelty we have 4G and no-one else seems to be on it.

The packaging for this phone is also something I noted. The box it came in is paper and recycled. No plastic in the packaging so very environment friendly. The next thing I have noticed, I was sick yesterday so was in bed and using the phone with wifi and the battery lasted all day.

My next step is to install the android sdk (software development kit) and start to rewrite my own apps for the new phone. They are now all in c-sharp (C#) but I will have to rewrite them in Google’s Java or whatever they call it. I still have the older Windows Mobile and will probably still write some stuff for it but for now the main focus will be android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich.)

Of course if anyone wants me to make software for their device, say a tablet or other OS feel free to send me a developer kit including the target device and I will do something for you. Probably for free for the first app. I wouldn’t mind @Google, @RIM or Microsoft sending me one of the ones they have been handing out to developers at developer conferences. I can’t go to these because of my health, no cities allowed, lungs have issues, so wouldn’t it be fair that they include us disabled programmers by allowing us to link in virtually and send us any prototype/development platform handouts.

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