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Windows 7 going “Metro”

Yeah I know they don’t use the name metro any more, but that’s not the point, reports in a couple of blogs and some blog comments would like us to think that Microsoft will be changing the UI on Windows … Continue reading

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Active few days

OK we had a couple of good quakes recently. There was that 7+ off of El Salvador that actually caused a small tsunami. Small the operative word here. There have been hundreds of aftershocks and a sizable crust movement but no … Continue reading

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Vulnerable utility control systems warning

USA DHS and ICS-Cert (Industrial Control Systems) have issued another advisory for vulnerable control systems that could be taken over by rogue attackers. These systems have web access points, web servers at port 80, that an attacker can send a … Continue reading

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Windows 8, More thoughts

I have been playing with 8 for months now and I have a lot of people asking me more and more about it. From what I see and what people are telling me the Windows 8 comments are, “it’s not … Continue reading

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