Windows 8, More thoughts

I have been playing with 8 for months now and I have a lot of people asking me more and more about it. From what I see and what people are telling me the Windows 8 comments are, “it’s not like what we used to have so we don’t like it” and “it’s so much easier to use, I like it.”

Note the first person speaking for more than themselves , and thinking they can speak for more than themselves. I have had people who are programmers and who do most of their work in Visual Basic say they are testing Linux for the first time. Not a lot of Visual Basic on Linux, so they have a lot invested in Windows and are thinking of jumping ship because of the new UI. And yet ordinary users like the new (they just renamed it ) ‘Modern UI’. (Yes Modern, as in not the UI your grandmother used.)

So my observations and where I think this will go. People who are the power Windows users, IT and the pundits all hate it. But real people who want to do real stuff with their computers but find the current one confusing will find the Modern UI mostly easier but when it swaps to the old desktop at some point will find that confusing. (Just push the Windows key and you are back to the new Modern UI.

I think that more users than ever will like the new Windows, and more people than ever will try it and then try a Windows Tablet or Windows Phone. I think Microsoft has found the key to making their product relevant again and it will help them battle back for some more share of the Smart Phone and Tablet Market.

Me I think it’s an OS like any other. I use it as I use any other tool in my tool box. It makes some things easier like communicating and PowerPoint  Other things just run better on another OS and somethings you just don’t trust to it because it is not a real time OS and some things just need 6 millisecond timing. And then there is the security thing which they are trying to fix but, another post will come about that.

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One Response to Windows 8, More thoughts

  1. Tsais says:

    Its not that I’m personally concerned, some shop will ‘fix’ Win8 for those who don’t use touch screens and there’s some underlying tech in Win8 that sounds pretty good. I just wish they’d do less cosmetics, less abortions (Silverlight, dotNet etc) and instead more bloat control, improvements to the file system.

    Its the same point as with the Office Ribbon. It helps new users, and those too ditzy to read a menu. But old users who could do everything flying, cause they knew every keyboard shortcut got screwed, especially because Microsoft needlessly removed a lot of shortcuts. If they left the shortcuts intact, it would have been a non issue.

    Same thing for Windows 8. Instead of giving users the choice, its like MS’ newfangled way or the highway. And why? Cause Ballmer is in a panic over potential loss of monopoly, after leaving customers hang out to dry on Windows Mobile for a decade. All he needed to do was invest a little bit of effort into Windows Mobile, which people were clamoring for, but they ignored everybody. Same type of people who sidelined and canned Courier, no doubt.

    The worst part is, that Microsoft now desperately wants to be like Apple. A walled garden nightmare with as many tollbooths as they can cram in, with all priorities on their own corporate benefit.

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